List4Less With Our 4.8%/4% Commission Plan

Helping You Sell Your Real Estate at a Reduced Rate!

The Mike McElwee Group believes in being cost effective and saving money, we practice this in our own lives and we know plain and simple – it works.  Our philosophy is that we should pass that same practice on to our clients since that is what we would want.  Our commission to sell your home is 4.8% (4% if we have both buyer and seller) compared to the industry standard of 6%.

How do we do that you may ask?

It is simple. The Mike McElwee Group, LLC cuts out what does not work a large majority of the time, is very costly,  and is very time consuming, but that costs other brokerages and agents a fortune, not only to utilize, but also to market. Guess who pays for that – let me give you a hint (The Sellers).

We utilize tactics that simply work the greatest majority of the time with you retaining a full service agent from start to finish and we get homes sold!

We are also affiliated with a 100% brokerage, so when other agents have 25%-60% of their commissions taken out by their big company brokerage, We keep 100% of our commission minus a small fee per transaction, This way I able to run my business my own way and offer my clients a discount in commission.

Again, if this program does not sound like it is for you, please let us match you to an agent from any other company that we think would fit your wants and needs.  We can do the leg work for you!

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